Workshop of Undergraduate Works

July 1st, 2024:  Proposal submission deadline
July 8th, 2024:  Notification of acceptance
July 19th, 2024:  Camera-ready paper 
August 05th, 2024: Camera-ready paper 
July 19th, 2024: Copyright submission deadline
August 05th, 2024: Copyright submission deadline

Call for Workshop of Undergraduate Works (WUW)

The Workshop of Undergraduate Works (WUW – SVR2024) invites undergraduates and recent graduates to submit original works with final or partial results of scientific or technological research in the areas of virtual, augmented or mixed reality. The workshop is part of the 26th edition of the Symposium on Virtual and Augmented Reality (SVR). It is the 8th edition of the WUW.

WUW Submission Instructions

Papers submitted to WUW – SVR2024 must have between 3 and 4 pages, including figures, tables, references, acknowledgments, etc. Some additional aspects must be observed:

  • Papers may be written in English or Portuguese (in this case, abstracts and titles in English and Portuguese must be included), and they must be in PDF format;
  • The format must follow the SBC template (Latex | Word);
  • The undergraduate student or recent graduate must be the first author. Supervisors and co-supervisors must also be authors of the paper. At least one supervisor or co-supervisor is necessary for the paper to be considered for review;
  • Papers selection will be carried out from the review by members of the Program Committee. Each proposal will be analyzed by at least two reviewers;
  • Submissions must be made using the JEMS System in the “SVR2024 WUW” category.


July 05, 2024 – Submission deadline
August 14, 2024 – Notification of acceptance
August 25, 2024 – Camera-ready deadline

Publication Requirements

The accepted papers will be published in the proceedings of the WUW – SVR2024. At least one of the authors must register in the symposium for the paper to be included in the proceedings. The accepted works must be presented during the workshop by the undergraduate (or recently graduate) student. This year, it will also be possible to present the work remotely. Authors will be requested to disclose the presentation format during the submission. Papers that will be presented locally in the event will have priority over remote ones. Papers that will be presented remotely will not have access to the mentoring session and will not be considered for awards. More information about this will be disclosed closer to the event.


Presentations will be given orally by the authors and will be followed by a mentoring session with experts, for those that are not presented remotely. More details will be given to presenters after acceptance as well as in the program to be added to the official website of the symposium. 


Up to three papers will be awarded in the workshop. For award purposes, the quality of the oral presentation will also be evaluated. Papers accepted and not presented in the WUW – SVR2024 will not compete for awards and will be removed from the proceedings.

WUW Chairs

Alyson Matheus de Carvalho Souza (UFRN – Digital Metropolis Institute, Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil)

Vinicius Costa de Souza (UNISINOS – Universidade do Vale do Rio dos Sino, Brazil)

SVR 2024 Chairs

Alyson Matheus de Carvalho Souza

Vinicius Costa de Souza